Colon Hydrotherapy

Health Begins In The Colon

Our purpose is to familiarize you with the method of colon cleansing known as colonic irrigation, or colonics. We hope through greater awareness of the procedure, much of the fear and avoidance surrounding the idea of colonic irrigations changes into interest & enthusiasm!

What Is The Need For Colon Hygiene?

The colon is our body’s sewage system. Without proper care, it quickly becomes polluted causing medical problems.

Indications for the need of colonics may include:

· fatigue

· headaches

· skin problems

· constipation

· diarrhea

· indigestion

· gas

· bad breath

· loss of memory or concentration

Prolonged problems may result in:

· malnutrition

· anemia

· increased body odors

· cold hands & feet

· brittle nails & hair

Benefits of Colon Hygiene

Colonics can result in many beneficial changes that may include:

· a physical sense of “well-being”

· abdominal massage during irrigation breaks up fecal impactions & removes pressure on other organs

· removal of harmful bacteria, mucus, gas, and undigested food

· improved peristaltic movement as well as vascular & lymphatic circulation

Colon Hygiene Procedure

Colon cleansing is a gentle, warm water washing of the colon (large intestines) combined with some external massage. Also known as intestinal hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, it is completely beneficial and non-toxic. The procedure lasts approximately 45 minutes. A short speculum, attached to a hose, is inserted in the anus, allowing the water to flow under gentle pressure and cleanse the entire length of the colon of toxic waste. During the session, a series of water fills and releases helps stimulate the expansion and contraction of the muscular walls of the colon. This, combined with a changing of the water temperature from warm to cool during the cleansing promotes the restoration of proper peristaltic action. During the session, most patients find that they are completely relaxed.