Enzyme Therapy

Based on the results obtained from the Live Blood Cell Analysis, plant enzymes or other nutritional products may be recommended to correct any imbalances that present themselves. A LBCA takes the guesswork out of identifying nutritional deficiencies and determining an effective treatment protocol. Enzymes play a vital role in the pursuit and attainment of optimal health and fitness. Even in the presence of sufficient vitamins, minerals and water intake, life as we know it could not exist without the action of enzymes. As such, if you experience any of the following conditions, a Live Blood Cell Analysis may prove helpful in determining an appropriate nutritional program for you.

Joint/Muscle Pain
Frequent Illness
Intestinal/Digestive Disorders
Anxiety or Depression
Yeast/Parasite Problems
Weight Imbalances
Food Cravings
Skin Disorders
Menstrual/Menopause Concerns