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Introduction to Brain Gym

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn Brain Gym from some of the greatest Brain Gym teacher in the country. The event is being held in the beautiful Victorian port city of Manistee Michigan. Cost is just $150 and includes lunch! and receive a 15% discount on rooms at the Days Inn. Register at […]

The Sacred Art Of Reiki

My Journey Into The Sacred Art Of Reiki By Reiki Master, Kathleen Ireland Gregg ​ Reiki: Establishing the Universal Life Force The ancient Japanese healing method of Reiki is often misunderstood.  There are 100’s of accounts of Reiki and how it emerged as a healing method from ancient Sanskrit texts. Although these descriptions may vary from […]

Keep Your Skin Healthy

Take care of your body’s largest organ, your skin. How do you do that? Start each day by using a natural fiber skin brush. Brush your dry skin in small clockwise circles. Dry skin brushing helps your lymph system to remove dead cells and other toxins. Skin brushing helps your skin stay healthy and younger […]

Be Healthy

Take charge of your health. Be proactive, be informed, be prepared. Schedule an annual physical with your MD, DO and your Naturopathic Doctor. Think of your health care as a team, doctor, dentist, chiropractor, naturopath, all working together. Talk to your providers about any changes or concerns for your health. Know your family medical history […]

10 Healthy Habits for Mind, Body, & Soul

Habit #1 Sleep Peacefully. The reason for this habit: rejuvenate your body and emotions so you are ready for each new day. Habit #2 Breathe Deeply. The reason for this habit: to eliminate toxins, improve physical function, and decrease stress. Habit #3 Drink Pure Water. The reason for this habit: to create greater health, look […]

Color Therapy – Chromotherapy

It is a well-known fact that color plays a major role in establishing a particular mood or state of mind. Colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy seen through our eyes. The actual color that we see is the part of the visible spectrum that is reflected back by a certain object. When all the […]

The Courage to be Brave

Being brave and having courage always starts with language. In my life I hear Maya Angelou’s words: “The price is high. The reward is great”. Standing alone when necessary in the midst of family or community or angry strangers can feel like no one will ever hear you. If this is the price we pay […]

Digital Eye Strain

I feel that we need to have a new rule: “when we go to a restaurant, our phones are turned off and put away” (unless there is some type of emergency going on in our life). Have you ever seen people sitting at a table for a meal together, but everyone is looking at their […]