Flower Essence

Flower Essence

Traditional Flower Remedies can assist in overcoming emotional obstacles that prevent us from achieving peace of mind, health, and happiness. Life’s stresses can leave us feeling overwhelmed and depleted of vitality and strength. Left unchecked, this can ultimately jeopardize our health. Traditional Flower Remedies can assist in stabilizing emotions related to decision making, adjusting to major life changes, and handling life’s difficulties. After using the remedies, many describe feeling a renewed sense of well-being and inner peace, others report feeling more patient, calm, hopeful, tolerant, secure, and more comfortable with themselves and others.

Traditional Flower Remedies Can Help Throughout Your Life

From birth through the teenage years these remedies can provide us and our families with gentle stress relief. During the formative years the remedies can lend a “helping hand” when children experience teething, colic, fear, temper tantrums, and nightmares. As children grow, flower remedies can aid with learning difficulties, hyperactivity, sleeping problems, puberty, and adjustments to change.

​Animal Care

Animals can experience over-sensitivity, fear, despondency, loneliness, and depression among other emotions. When tender loving care isn’t enough, and medical problems have been ruled out as the cause of these emotional states, the flower preparations can assist an animal suffering the ill effects of stress. These Traditional Flower Remedies can help restore your animal friends to a state of calm and emotional balance in difficult times. Moves, transition, change and even such things as traveling anxieties have been eased with the use of the remedies.

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